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Our company Infinity Eight Trading and Marketing Corporation is a corporation duly established & registered under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines on May 29, 2012 with business address located at G02 Winland Tower Residences, #45 Tomas Morato Street, Brgy Kristong Hari, Quezon City, Philippines and warehouse located at Sitio Paroba Barangay Lagundi Mexico Pampanga and Block 6 Lot 6, Plastic City Avenue St., Veinte Reales, Valenzuela City, Philippines.


The company’s commendable reputation is built upon technological advancement in processing scrap materials for recycling purposes like carton, plastics, steel and so on.


In 2012 Infinity Eight Trading and Marketing Corp. installed its first recycling line for producing PET bottle flake in Valenzuela City. The production line was entirely imported from Taiwan, a place where technological advancement in plastic recycling industry is always amongst the leaders in Asia. The powerful washing machine of planetary type, together with a highly efficient hydro-extractor, the PET bottle recycling line facilitated the company to achieve an impressive productivity of 500 tons high quality flakes monthly.


After a year, by 2013, the company eventually managed to equip with FIVE more advanced PET bottle recycling lines designed and made in Taiwan.  This allows the company to reach a total capacity of 3,000 tons monthly. The PET bottle flakes the company produced, whether they are transparent, light blue, Green, and deep green in color, are guaranteed with less than 1% moisture and 30ppm PVC contaminated. Being a regular supplier to many renowned customers from China, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea  and United State for years, proves the high standard and quality of PET bottle flakes produced by Infinity Eight Trading and Marketing Corporation.


Having accumulated the knowledge and experiences of recycling PET bottle for some years, the company decided to move one step further by bringing in FIVE powerful pelletizers from Taiwan for recycling waste Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) in 2014. These three powerful pelletizers, with main extruder characteristic of 150HP motor and Ø135mm screw diameter, allow the Infinity Eight Trading and Marketing Corporation to achieve an overall capacity up to 1,000 tons PE/PP pellets monthly.


Over the past years, the plastic pellets the company produced have already been widely recognized by both local and overseas customers due to its high degree of purities. Instead of using special whitening agent to increase the whiteness of resin, the company pays more attention upon technological innovation that can be effectively and efficiently clean the recycling materials. Neither the modifier like calcium carbonate granule would be used to reduce the cost unless request made by customers. A team of experienced and thoroughly trained staff, together with continuous efforts in equipment upgrading, enhance Infinity Eight Trading and Marketing Corporation’s competitive edge in plastic recycling industry.



A socially responsible trading company that promotes environmental awareness to the community where it belongs in particular and the nation as a whole, by providing strategic and diversified management tools to pursue environmental preservation, its protection and conservation of valuable resources.





An aspiring company that would have the best people, the best logistics, to serve the needs of clients both domestic and abroad.